Help for Partners of Porn Addicts
Information to see if someone you love is addicted to porn

…and all was quiet, except for a computer mouse… Lindsay’s Christmas Message to Partners of Porn addicts You know one of the most striking things about women is the way they put other’s needs before their own – and Christmas is a prime example of this: Ah Christmas!…. the men putting their feet up in […]

Porn Addiction: Are you addicted to porn? Download ‘Overcoming Addiction to Porn’ a great new  free eBook by British writer and presenter Lindsay McKinnon about being addicted to porn and living with  porn addiction. DOWNLOAD IT NOW! A ‘must read’ if your partner is addicted to porn! Get your copy NOW! Help in the battle […]

Porn addiction?What’s that? Overcoming PORN ADDICTION is not a subject that is discussed openly in polite society and is therefore not in the mainstream of the public consciousness. In fact many times when I bring the subject up with people they laugh and think I am about to tell them a funny story. Unfortunately the […]