Help for Partners of Porn Addicts
Information to see if someone you love is addicted to porn

All you need to know about Porn Addiction (but were too embarrassed to ask) You Want Me To Do WHAT With That? Sampler Lindsay McKinnon’s book has pretty much all you need to know about Porn Addiction in it and is primarily for the partners of porn addicts, but if you think you may be a […]

Bad Addiction Advice from Eamonn Holmes the Mindless Mantra  goes on It is rare that I see something that infuriates me so much it makes me seethe, but poor advice given to someone who has just discovered her husband’s porn habit is one of those occasions. The thoughtless repetition of propaganda clichés that have become […]

Erectile dysfunction and porn addiction. Too much ‘booty’ makes you droopy How can porn give you erectile dysfunction.   Did you know that if you masturbate to porn too much that you will lose your appetite for real human contact and this can cause erectile dysfunction. Brewers Droop to you and me) Over the past year […]

Porn Addiction: Are you addicted to porn? Download ‘Overcoming Addiction to Porn’ a great new  free eBook by British writer and presenter Lindsay McKinnon about being addicted to porn and living with  porn addiction. DOWNLOAD IT NOW! A ‘must read’ if your partner is addicted to porn! Get your copy NOW! Help in the battle […]

Porn Addiction’s Not Sex Addiction–And Why It Matters?  Sex addiction Sex addiction requires real people; porn addiction requires a screen Published on November 21, 2011 by Gary Wilson in Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow      Grouping ‘Internet porn addiction’ and ‘sex addiction’ under theSex Addiction Umbrella makes the former less visible because classic sex addiction is so rare. As a consequence, healthcare providers […]